Premium Cognex barcode reading technology in a compact barcode reader

DataMan 50/60 Series Features

Unmatched Barcode Reading Performance

With proprietary 1DMax+ with Hotbars technology for the highest read rates on 1-D barcodes and IDQuick® for the ability to read even the most difficult 2-D matrix codes, the DataMan 50/60 series delivers higher read rates than single-line or raster laser scanners and competitive image-based readers.


No Moving Parts

Unlike laser scanners, the DataMan 50/60 series has a solid state design with no moving parts that can wear out and require replacement.


Industrial Connectivity

The DataMan 60 series offers Ethernet connectivity for real-time tracking, image download, data transfer and effortless plant integration. DataMan 50 series offers RS-232 and USB communications options.


DataMan 50-60 ModelsLQLQS
Directional 1-D barcode reading (ladder or picket fence)  ■   
Omnidirectional 1-D barcode reading   ■  
2-D code reading   ■ ■ 
Multiple code reading (simultaneously) ■ ■ ■ ■ 
Mixed code reading 1-D and 2-D   ■ ■ 
50 L
DataMan 50 QLDataMan 50 QDataMan
50 S
60 L
DataMan 60 QLDataMan 60 QDataMan
60 S
1-D & Stacked Barcodes Yes,
Yes Yes,
1-D Omnidirectional
No Yes Yes No 
2-D Codes No No Yes Yes NoYes Yes No 
Algorithms 1DMax, Hotbars 
Resolution 752 x 480 global shutter 
Acquisition Max 60fps Max 5fps Max 60fps Max 5fps 
Decode Rate Max 45/sec Max 5/sec Max 45/sec Max 5/sec 
Lens Options 3-position (45/70/110mm) adjustable 
Lighting Integrated bright field, external 
Communication USB and RS-232 Ethernet, USB and RS-232 
Dimensions 23.5mm x 26.5mm x 45.4mm 55mm x 44.5mm x 23.5mm 

The DataMan 50/60 series can be used for 1-D and 2-D barcode reading applications in factory automation and logistics. Read multiple codes and mixed-codes (1-D & 2-D) simultaneously. Several common barcode reading applications include:


Read 1-D barcodes on products that are stopped, slow moving, or presented by hand to the barcode reader.
1-D: Read fast moving 1-D barcodes, including those on ultra fast beverage or food production lines.
2-D: Read stopped, hand presented, or moving 2-D codes printed on labels.