A wide variety of products to cater to your automation and integration needs



The importance of having the right tools for the job is often understated, not only having them, but understanding them. This is why we offer products to you to make sure your applica-tion goes smoothly, products that we know and trust well. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and expertise in the products we offer. From lenses to custom made structures out of aluminum extrusion, we offer a wide variety of products to cater to your solution. Here are some of the products VAST-Ex offers.

Our Products

Click here to find out about the products we make and offer to you, including control boxes and interfaces for ANY vision system.

Aluminum Extrusion

We offer a full line of aluminum extrusion and components and at a very competitive price.


We are proud to offer the full line of Cognex cameras, barcode readers and accessories.


VAST-Ex offers all the accessories you need to make your application complete. Everything from trigger sensors, indicator lights…


Sick offers a full line of sensors and machine vision systems, click here to find out more.

CCS Lighting

Every good vision application needs a good light, we offer the full line of CCS machine vision lights.